Final Assignment

For my final assignment, I wanted to expand on my midterm. I wanted to have a person actually interact with my simple interface and gain something.. lets say valuable from it? I wanted my visualization to be funny and somewhat ironic of this concept of “digital intimacy” that I am exploring. SO what I did is, once a user types their name to see how much they have interacted with me, they receive a doge meme with that information which they are also able to share on their facebook.

Unfortunately, I was trying very hard these past few days to use Facebook’s api in order for this app to work for any Facebook account not just mine. I realized that there are not many good tools out there that tells you information like this.. However, I was having a lot of difficulties trying to make the two connect so I am turning this in for now but I want to continue making this app available for anyone to use with their Facebook via chrome extension.

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