Midterm Assignment

“How much have you interacted with Nouf?”

Again, the theme here that I focused on was me and my data. I wanted to learn how much each friend has interacted with me online. I wanted to understand our digital “intimacy” and what new things I can learn from this data. SO, I created an App with Facebook’s API and extracted two JSON files. The first was a JSON file with all the likes on my posts and the second was all the likes on my pictures  that I have posted.

I then ran a python script on each file to look for the names of people that have liked each post and picture. My script would then create a new JSON file with each name it gathered and it would keep counting the number of pictures and posts that person has liked. In addition, I used my previous chat history files to know how many messages I have exchanged with each name and how many group chats are we in.  The structure of my JSON file was like this:

“Stephanie Shin”: [
“fb-group-chat”: 3,
“fb-photo-likes”: 8,
“fb-chat”: 1,
“messages-length”: 3887,
“fb-post-likes”: 16

^ my final created JSON file

Lastly, I created a website where I can simply query each friend’s name and get my data summarized.

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