The Substance of the Body

In this sketch, I imagined my body as a structural space. Again, I used the bodies’ nodes to dictate how my space is structured. Each node acts as the centroid of each 3 Dimensional Voronoi cell that occupies my space. Hence, as the Kinect detects my movement, it is constantly restructuring the space based on the change of my node’s positions. I am constantly forming and redefining the structure of the space that I occupy.

User testing

My user reported that the sketch made her lose her perception of her body and think of herself as a space. She reported that even though generally she is more aware of her vertical axis since she is very tall, my sketch made her aware of the range of her extremities and explore herself horizontally and diagonally. She reported feeling flexible, free, structured, spatial, and playful.

IMG_3928 IMG_3926 IMG_3927


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