Final Assignment

For my final assignment, I wanted to expand on my midterm. I wanted to have a person actually interact with my simple interface and gain something.. lets say valuable from it? I wanted my visualization to be funny and somewhat ironic of this concept of “digital intimacy” that I am exploring. SO what I did is, once a user types their name to see how much they have interacted with me, they receive a doge meme with that information which they are also able to share on their facebook.

Unfortunately, I was trying very hard these past few days to use Facebook’s api in order for this app to work for any Facebook account not just mine. I realized that there are not many good tools out there that tells you information like this.. However, I was having a lot of difficulties trying to make the two connect so I am turning this in for now but I want to continue making this app available for anyone to use with their Facebook via chrome extension.

Midterm Assignment

“How much have you interacted with Nouf?”

Again, the theme here that I focused on was me and my data. I wanted to learn how much each friend has interacted with me online. I wanted to understand our digital “intimacy” and what new things I can learn from this data. SO, I created an App with Facebook’s API and extracted two JSON files. The first was a JSON file with all the likes on my posts and the second was all the likes on my pictures  that I have posted.

I then ran a python script on each file to look for the names of people that have liked each post and picture. My script would then create a new JSON file with each name it gathered and it would keep counting the number of pictures and posts that person has liked. In addition, I used my previous chat history files to know how many messages I have exchanged with each name and how many group chats are we in.  The structure of my JSON file was like this:

“Stephanie Shin”: [
“fb-group-chat”: 3,
“fb-photo-likes”: 8,
“fb-chat”: 1,
“messages-length”: 3887,
“fb-post-likes”: 16

^ my final created JSON file

Lastly, I created a website where I can simply query each friend’s name and get my data summarized.

Assignment #1

I am really interested in analyzing text and specifically my own text. What type of words do I use the most frequently? What type of links have I shared most often? By looking at data that analyzes me, maybe I can begin to understand myself better or the way that I talk and articulate myself. So for this assignment, I downloaded my facebook archive and focused on my chat data. Facebook is the main social media that I have used frequently in my life so I thought it was adequate to focus on it. I received a huge folder of my messages in HTML format. So I converted each one to a JSON file using a python plugin and from there I begin parsing and analyzing each file.

Using NLTK, I wrote and ran a python script on my JSON files to look for links I have shared and words I have used most frequently. Things that I discovered and found interesting about myself…

I have said:

“like” = 3,336 times
“yes”(677) + “yea”(1397) + “yeah”(243) = 2,317 times
“no”(1109) + “nooo”(90) + “nope”(126) = 1,325 times
“sleep”(178) + “tired”(100) = 278 times
“arab”(84) + “arabic”(90) = 174 times
“ugh” = 461 times
“work”(547) + “working”(223) = 770 times
“sorry” = 220 times
“dunno”(115) + “idk”(242) = 357 times
“nouf” = 90 times
“love” = 434 times
“hate” = 232

And hilarious articles like this that I have shared 10 times…