This project was inspired to create a bot that had a role opposite to what we always presume bots to have. Bots are considered to be obedient, patient, and emotionless. They are expected to serve us constantly. Hence, we demand orders from them, yell at them, and even make fun of them. So what if there was a bot that didn’t serve you? What if there was a bot that talked back and asked you to treat it nicely? Meet Alice, a disobedient bot that is asking you to get to know her. You simply call her number and ask her questions to win her heart! If you listen attentively and answer the questions on the form correctly, then she will tell you how she feels about you.

For this project, I used the Twilio’s Speech API library to handle incoming calls, to output speech from my bot, and to gather speech input from the user. I then used Rivescript to script a conversation and then fed it back into my Twilio bot to respond to the user.


  1. Go to this URL to read instructions on how to talk with Alice.

2. User calls Alice. Server is collecting conversation

3. Finished phone conversation with Alice. User is filling out form to see how much they remember about their conversation with Alice

4. Submitting responses will reveal how Alice feels about you